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Venus is a girl-powered metaverse simulating the population, evolving, and life set-up in a Venus, divided into 316k NFT plots built on BSC.

A resource-rich world full of love, harmony, and peace is not always warm for landers and might test their knowledge, skills, and reasons for coming. Metaverse replicates an everyday social, economic, and political life intertwined with obstacle circumstances of an unpredictable sphere.

The reward playing Venus is a massive one. Gaining access to unique resources will raise the play-to-earn concept to a higher interplanetary level to trade exclusive items in the whole ecosystem of Ertha, Moon, and Venus.

Skills required in Venus are conceptual and might include esoteric, transcending, self-finding, alternative healing practices, Crystal using, and many more. Leveling up as a person to succeed in Venus is an essential part of the game.



Secret private investors from Ertha launched their own VERITAS (Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography and Spectroscopy) spacecraft years before NASA. They managed to map the surface of Venus and found many secrets not known to man. Life was found on Venus and this knowledge was hidden from the public. Behind the holographic thick layer of sulfuric acid clouds there is an Avatar like world hidden from human sight.

There is a Legend that somewhere in Venus, you can find female clans of extraordinary beauty. They are called by various names: Amazons, Mosuo, Minangkabau, Khasi, Akan, Bribri, Umoja. Throughout the centuries, many myths are spoken about warrior women:

Some say that they cut off one breast to shoot better hate men, enslaved and mutilated them gave up motherhood to be warriors

There is no evidence that these female clans live somewhere deep down the Venus, but some say that you will understand the meaning of love and duality if you find and seduce one. You will understand Venus’s metaverse, gain Blueprints of extraordinary items, and access extremely rare resources that bring you financial freedom in the solar multiverse.